Corolla Real Estate Listings

Corolla is the northernmost point of the Outer Banks before the paved road ends. This is the ideal location for those in search of a true connection with nature. The pristine beaches tend to be wide with very soft fine sand and are consistently ranked as some of the best nationwide. The Currituck Sound that borders to the west, is a body of water that calls out for exploration by fishermen and water sport enthusiasts. One of the last Outer Banks regions to be developed, homes in Corolla are typically larger and more modern; and most homes purchased are Outer Banks vacation rental investment properties in one of the many neighborhoods, each with their own character and amenities. The most iconic images of Corolla are taken in the Currituck Heritage Park, a 39-acre parcel that is home to the area’s most famous hunt club, The Whalehead Club, and the distinctive red brick Currituck Beach Lighthouse. But what this area is most famous for, is being home to a colony of wild mustangs that historians believe are direct descendants of the Spanish mustangs of the Conquistadors and survivors of a 17th century shipwreck. If you’ve had the good fortune to spend time here, you will quickly recognize it’s as much a state of mind as it is a place.