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During some of the early encounters with Native Americans in this area, the English explorers documented the word “Chicehauk” as what the Algonquin people called the north end of what we now call the Outer Banks or perhaps the name of a nearby village.  Today a modern neighborhood in Southern Shores holds that ancient name.

When development of Chicahauk began in the early nineteen seventies, it was ahead of it’s time in keeping large swaths of protected maritime forest between the streets, giving the neighborhood a private secluded feel in a natural setting surrounded by live oaks and Loblolly Pines.  Centrally located between Duck and Kitty Hawk, grocery stores and various other shops and restaurants are with-in a five minute drive and is a relatively easy drive to most attractions on the northern Outer Banks.  The average lot size is 20,000 to 40,000 square feet, larger than the average Outer Banks lot.  Chicahauk enjoys an approximate ratio of 25% Vacation rental, 25% second home and 50% year-round residents which gives it a nice balance as a seasonal and year-round neighborhood.  When building in Chicahauk, you submit your plans to the Chicahauk HOA (CPOA) not the Southern Shores Civic Association (SSCA), though there is the option of joining the (SSCA) for an annual payment of $55 for access to the marina’s, sound side beach, and for the boat and tennis clubs.

A quiet neighborhood with trees and beach Access

Here on the Outer Banks, the natural beauty of the area is our greatest asset, so going out for a walk or a bike ride is the thing to do in Chicahauk.  With sidewalks lining the main streets and bike paths that act as shortcuts to four separate beach access that cross Ocean Blvd, no matter where you live or rent, there is a safe and convenient way to get to the beach.  At the community’s main entry point, the intersection of Chicahauk Trail and Ocean Blvd, there are two private parking lots where you can access the private beach with the bonus of a seasonal Lifeguard.  On the west side there is the Chicahauk Community Park off of Trinitie Trail.  This park has a Bocce court, tennis courts, basketball court, a small softball field with soccer nets in the back. You could bring food to the covered picnic area and let the kids play on the playground, a great place for a child’s birthday party.

Some houses on the west side back up to canals that lead to Jean Guite Creek and into the Currituck Sound.  These canals are one of the more picturesque places in Southern Shores and can lead you out to great fishing or just a sunset cruise. For all you golf lovers, the eighteen-hole championship golf course at Duck Woods Country Club is just a five to ten-minute drive and will surely satisfy any itch for a hole-in-one and membership is open to anyone, not just those who live in Southern Shores.  On any given day you will find people out for a walk or riding a bike enjoying this unique and lovely neighborhood.

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Carolina Designs Realty is a full service real estate company on the Outer Banks. Our clientele comes from word of mouth and our loyal rental customer base. We have grown our business on reputation and relationship, one property at a time. We have a deep knowledge base of the Chicahuak neighborhood and it is very convenient to our office in Duck, so it is in our backyard!. It is one of a few idyllic communities to live in in the Souther Shores section of the OBX. Most people don’t think about trees when they think about the Outer Banks, but we have pockets of incredible maritime forest and dune lines that produce a very good “leafy neighborhood” feel, all while being so close to the beach.

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